About Our Company

About Our Company

Sunny Energy proudly started in South Australia in 2005. Since then, we have provided many homes and businesses of all sizes with the best climate and energy solutions. We are experts in solar, air conditioning, and climate control, and we are equipped with the best technology, skills, and experience to help you reach your energy goals.

About Us
Air Conditioning
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Our Services

Sunny Energy brings the best technology and brands to solve your energy and climate problems. We believe in quality solutions.

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Government Subsidy

Available to 40,000 households, South Australian’s can now access $100 million in State Government subsidies to help pay for the installation of home battery systems.
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What we do

Air Solution & Refrigeration

Sunny Energy offers Air Conditioning & Refrigeration efficient and innovative solutions for residential and commercial of needs . With an expansive offering of both sides Split system, Ducted systems, Multi-split System, Multi-V Hot Water Solution floor heating (Hydro Kit), Multi V Water S, Therma V is an Air to Water Heat Pump for a many options


Solar Home & Commercial

SOLAR WITH BATTERY BACKUP – EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEMS Solar energy is a sustainable resource that will never be depleted. Developing solar power technology and making it ubiquitous will mitigate the risk of energy shortages and negative environmental issues that future generations.

Heating Solution (AWHP)

The LG Therma V Air to Water Heat Pump uses renewable technologies and natural energy from the air to provide green heating and hot water for your home.Not only can you install it in your new home, but you can also replace boilers in your existing home.

Electrical Design

We offer a  Electrical design, Smart home System for each of your needs. The Creating, testing, and supervision the development  installation of electrical wiring instrumentation, as well LED lighting  power systems, power distribution, fire and life safety systems, electronic  communications.

Electric Solar Charger Vehicles

How much money do you waste on gasoline? Why not put that money back into your pocket, reduce your power bill, and increase the value of your home? This can all be done by powering an electric vehicle with a solar
Home battery

Join Tesla Energy Plan

Tesla with support from the South Australian Government is developing a network of potentially 50,000 home solar PV and Powerwall battery systems across South Australia – all working together to form the world’s largest virtual power plant.



Financing with us


From $50 P/W
  • 6.65 KW Panels

  • 5KW inverter

From $48P/W
  • Cooling/ Heating

  • hot water solution

  • 13.3 KW Panels

  • 10 KW inverter

Why we are different



We can provide our clients with complete peace of mind with the backup processes of the equipment warranties of the industry , we also provide guarantees as a service installation company.



We provide our clients for more than 18 years, with total quality, experience in the installation, and distribution of services  to according a your needs, providing them to confidence security. 24/7



In sunny energy we work providing our customers with savings, innovation, comfort, efficiency, elegance, and technology of the current industrial market.



We offer a variety of high quality products for solar and air conditioning/heating services that are of the best accredited manufacturers of the industry. At sunny Energy, we to support our clients and provide excellent service of the highest quality.

Our team

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Sunny Energy Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team, We are looking for enthusiastic people to work in our team


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