Battery Scheme in Australia

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Enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power the world for an entire year. Unlike the substantial resources and capital needed to extract and burn fossil fuels, anyone can purchase and install solar panels to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight. Best of all, solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.

Solar is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses.




Subsidy Levels for Solar Batteries in South Australia
  • $600 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for South Australian Energy concession holders
  • $500 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for all other South Australian households
  • $6000 per installed battery

For now, subsidies are capped at $6,000 for each battery, though that figure will reduce as time progresses.

Key Benefits of a solar system

  • Reduces electricity cost

  • Long term financial returns

  • Increases property value

  • Easy to maintain

  • Clean energy

  • Reliable Technology

  • Top Warranties

  • Strong output yields

  • Great looking panels

  • Trained installer network



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