Who We Are

Sunny Energy proudly started in South Australia in 2005. Since then, we have provided many homes and businesses of all sizes with the best climate and energy solutions. We are experts in solar, air conditioning, and climate control and we are equipped with the best technology, skills, and experience to help you reach your energy goals. We make sure our clients get peace of mind and reduce their energy spending, all while reducing CO2 emissions and helping the planet.


Principles of Our Work

  • Experience and leadership for more than 12 years
  • Quality of products and customer service
  • Best market prices
  • Financing
  • Stable and strong warranties


Solar Power System
Air Conditioning
Electrical design

When it comes to solar power, we are committed to starting the sales process with analysing your electricity bill and energy consumption to see how a solar power system can offer maximum financial returns for you or your business. We also pride ourselves on quality workmanship and ongoing customer service. We work with world-class manufacturers who supply quality solar products, provide electricity use analysis, solar system design, installation services, after sales service and ongoing solar system maintenance. Our work and expertise ensures every Sunny Energy solar power installation provides peak performance for decades to come. All solar advice and quoting is undertaken by a Clean Energy Council accredited solar system designer/installer not a salesperson who has little product and installation knowledge.

About our work