Ceiling Floor Convertible




Differentiated Design

Award-winning elegance of the ceiling suspended unit comes                                                                                      with the stunning V-shaped design and black vane. 

Optimized Air Flow Path

To find optimized air flow, LG design not only external shape but                                                                    also internal unseen space.

Quick Cooling

LG’s powerful cooling solution significantly                                                                                                reduces cooling time.

Powerful Cooling & Heating

Its powerful cooling and heating performance allows operation in large areas. The air flow can reach up to 15m away from the air conditioner.

Two Thermistors Control (Optional)

                                                                                                               An optional control panel includes a second thermistor,                                                                                                                       allowing precise indoor temperature checks from multiple                  locations.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Installation speed and ease are improved with one-touch in/out filter structure and a simplified two-piece filter, which slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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